Hungry for a Burger or Sandwich? Visit Lake Louise Village Grill & Bar

All burgers at Lake Louise Village Grill & Bar come topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and a pickle on a toasted bun. All sandwiches are served with brown toast, and all come served with a choice of French fries or a tossed salad. Join us for lunch or dinner today and view our appetizing burger and sandwich selection:

Hamburger, $10.95

A 5 oz. grilled beef patty.

Teriyaki Hamburger, $11.95

A 5 oz. grilled beef patty with teriyaki sauce.

BBQ Hamburger, $11.95

A 5 oz. grilled beef patty with BBQ sauce.

Cheeseburger, $12.55

Topped with marble cheese.

Double Cheeseburger, $14.55

Two 5 oz. beef patties with cheese.

Village Burger, $13.55

Topped with mushrooms, bacon, and cheese.

Giant Village Burger, $15.95

A 10 oz. grilled beef patty with mushrooms, onions, and cheese.

Chicken Burger, $11.95; With cheese, $13.55

A grilled chicken breast on a bun.

Veggie Burger, $12.55; With cheese, $13.95

A veggie garden patty with mushrooms and peppers.

Grilled Cheese, $8.95

Mozzarella and cheddar melted between Texas Toast.

Grilled Ham & Cheese, $10.55

Real marble cheese melted with ham.

BLT, $9.55

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Hot Chicken, $12.55

Open-faced chicken breast covered in gravy.

Teriyaki Beef on a Bun, $12.95

Strips of teriyaki beef on a bun.

Clubhouse, $13.95

A triple-stacker with chicken, ham, and bacon.

* Please note: Our menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Not craving a hot sandwich? Perhaps you’d be interested in something off of our platter or Chinese selections!

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